2011 Assessment Almanac

Assessment Almanac — Fall 2011

The chapter links are to PDF files.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here for a free download.  ALL volumes of the 2011 Assessment Almanac were published online only.


Volume Openings Selected Report Summaries
Chapter 1 First year student summary
Chapter 2 Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ)
Chapter 3 Alumni Survey
Chapter 4 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
Chapter 5 Staff Survey
Chapter 6 Senior Tests in the Major
Chapter 7 Student Interview Project
Chapter 8 Portfolio Project
Chapter 9 Student Affairs Assessment Summary
Chapter 10 Discipline Assessment Spotlight
Chapter 11 Year-End Update
Volume Openings Additional Data and Reports
Chapter 12 Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ) survey
Chapter 13 Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ) full results
Chapter 14 Alumni Survey form
Chapter 15 Alumni Survey full results
Chapter 16 CLA Institutional report
Chapter 17 Student-led Focus groups on Transformative Experiences
Chapter 18 Wabash Study Reports
Chapter 19 Higher Learning Commission “Purple Papers”


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