1998 Assessment Almanac

Assessment Almanac — Fall 1998

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Volume Openings
Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II General Overview of Assessment
Chapter III Assessment Plan (Philosophy and History)
Chapter IV Overview of Different Assessment Instruments
Chapter V Summary of 1998 University Master Plan & Assessment Workshop
Chapter VI First-Year Student Survey (CIRP)
Chapter VII Freshman Week Survey
Chapter VIII Student Interview Project
Chapter IX Sophomore Writing Experience
Chapter X Freshman-Junior Testing
Chapter XI ISS/GSQ
Chapter XII Capstone Experiences
Chapter XIII Portfolio Assessment
Chapter XIV Senior Test in the Major
Chapter XV Alumni / Employer Surveys
Chapter XVI Faculty Survey
Chapter XVII Master Plan and Assessment Workshop
Chapter XVIII Funding For Results
Chapter XIX Assessment and Motivation
Chapter XX Conclusion
Chapter XXI CIRP Data
Chapter XXII Full Student Interview Report
Chapter XXIII Full Portfolio Report
Chapter XXIV Full ISS/GSQ Report
Chapter XXV Full Local and State Alumni Data
Chapter XXVI Full Faculty Survey Data
Chapter XXVII Annual Key Indicators


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