2013 Assessment Almanac

Assessment Almanac — Fall 2013

The chapter links are to PDF files.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here for a free download.  ALL volumes of the 2013 Assessment Almanac were published online only.


Volume Openings
Chapter 1 First year Survey
Chapter 2 Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ)
Chapter 3 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
Chapter 4 Senior Tests in the Major
Chapter 5 Portfolio Project
Chapter 6 Transfer Student Issues
Chapter 7 ECAR Technology Use
Chapter 8 Student Affairs Assessment Summary
Chapter 9 Undergraduate Discipline Spotlight
Chapter 10 Graduate Discipline Spotlight
Chapter 11 Problem-solving Purple Paper
Chapter 12 Pathways Demonstration Projects
Chapter 13 Year-End Update


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