2023 Assessment Almanac

Assessment Almanac — Fall 2023

ALL volumes of the 2023 Assessment Almanac will be published online only.

Chapter 1 First year Survey
Chapter 2 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Chapter 3 Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ)
Chapter 4 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)
Chapter 5 Senior Tests in the Major
Chapter 6 Portfolio Project
Chapter 7 Student Affairs Assessment Summary
Chapter 8 Undergraduate Discipline Spotlight
Chapter 9 Higher Education Research Institute Faculty Survey (HERI)
Chapter 10 Higher Education Research Institute Staff Climate Survey (HERI)
Chapter 11 Diverse Learning Environments Survey (HERI)
Appendix 2-1 National Survey of Student Engagement (Survey)
Appendix 2-2 Frequencies and Multi-Year Report (NSSE)
Appendix 2-3 Additional Reports (NSSE)
Appendix 2-4 Advising Module (NSSE)
Appendix 2-5 Diversity Module (NSSE)
Appendix 3-1 Graduating Student Questionnaire (Survey)
Appendix 3-2 Graduating Student Questionnaire (Full Results)
Appendix 4-1 Collegiate Learning Assessment (Full Results)
Appendix 5-1 Senior Test Summary
Appendix 9-1 Power Point Summary (HERI)
Appendix 9-2 Themes Report (HERI)
Appendix 9-3 Construct Report (HERI)
Appendix 10-1 Staff Power Point Summary (HERI)
Appendix 10-2 Staff Themes Report (HERI)
Appendix 10-3 Staff Climate Survey Instrument (HERI)
Appendix 11-1 DLE Power Point Summary (HERI)
Appendix 11-2 DLE Themes Report (HERI)
Appendix 11-3 DLE Climate Survey Instrument (HERI)
Appendix 11-4 DLE Factor Report (HERI)

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