Assessment Components

Components of Truman’s Assessment Program

To learn more about an instrument, please view the Assessment Almanac.

InstrumentWho takes it?Developed Internally (I) or Externally (E)TypeIndirect (I) or Direct (D) Outcomes Measure
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)Sample of Freshmen and SeniorsESurveyI
First-year student surveyAll FreshmanISurveyI
The Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors (MACHB)Sample of studentsESurveyI
Skyfactor AssessmentsSample of studentsESurveyI
Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)SeniorsENationally Normed ExamD
Senior Tests in the MajorSeniorsENationally Normed ExamD
Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ)SeniorsISurveyI
Capstone ExperiencesSeniorsIPerformance AssessmentD
Portfolio ProjectSeniorsIPerformance AssessmentD
ECARStudents and FacultyESurveyI
Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE)FacultyESurveyI
Alumni SurveyAlumniISurveyI
Employer SurveyEmployers of AlumniISurveyI
HERI Faculty SurveyFaculty and AdministratorsESurveyI
Staff SurveyStaffISurveyI

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